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China Metal Crafts (CMC) focuses on metal credit cards, membership cards, hotel control cards, business cards, grinder cards, dog tags, etc. We are located in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone of China.

We have a dedicated Research & Development team, advanced production equipment and high-standard production lines. We produce cards and export them all over the world. We have developed unique metals Cards which include pure 24K gold, diamond metal cards, LED metal cards, wood and gold mixed cards, shell metal cards, environmentally friendly metal cards, and some unique and luxurious metal cards are still under development to stay ahead in terms of maximizing luxury.

We believe in the amazing and lasting impact of metal cards, which is why we maintain the highest quality in all processes from the initial design to the final product. We etch and engrave all products so that they will never be degraded, and all metal cards can be used safely without sharp edges. The raw materials and finished products are made to the specifications of the highest industry standards. We ensure that the finished metal products are free of scratches, no imperfections, no fingerprints, and not even dust.

Welcome friends from all fields to develop and create a more personalized, high quality, world class product to represent you!

Metal Cards Manufacturing

Our manufacturing process has been tried and tested and lives up to the highest industry standard. China Metal Craft has complete control of the entire process, from the raw materials to the processing machines to the final product. We choose environmentally friendly materials, and we use the highest quality processing machines. Show you about our production process technology: Screening raw materials, Cleaning raw materials, Corrosion, CNC Punching and cutting(QC), CNC Chucking and Clean card edge(QC), Polishing(QC), Plating(QC), Laser/Printing(QC), Signature strip, Megnetic strip(QC), Packing.

Free Samples To The World 


Worry For the Quality ?  Diffcult to Choose The Best Metal Cards For Your Business ? 

We Can Offer Free Sampels ( Free Samples are not Supported to Customized )

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