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How to get the best metal credit card?

China Metal Crafts (CMC) focuses on metal credit cards, membership cards, hotel control cards, business cards, grinder cards, dog tags, etc. We have a professional manufacturing team and R&D team to provide customers with professional services and high-quality products. Product high-quality requirements are No scratches, No scratches, No dirty spots, No dust.

We have many styles of metal bank cards/metal credit cards, such as: brush credit cards, mirror credit cards, matte credit cards, border credit cards, textured credit cards. All of which can be presented in a variety of colors.


Metal Credit Cards/Metal Bank Cards are heavier than their plastic counterparts, metal credit cards are gaining popularity among some credit card users. They’re sleek, sturdy and still relatively rare in comparison to plastic cards, making them a status symbol for some.


Free Samples To The World 


Worry For the Quality ?  Diffcult to Choose The Best Metal Cards For Your Business ? 

We Can Offer Free Sampels and Just Request a Payment of $4.99 To Cover Shipping .  ( Free Samples are not Supported to Customize )

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